The Face

Lead Producer: Anticlock Films, Mumbai
Writers: Merle Kroeger (Cut!, Kyai!, I AM) / Onir (My Brother Nikhil, I AM)
Director: Onir (My Brother Nikhil, Bas Ek Pal, Sorry Bhai!, I AM)
Producer: Sanjay Suri and Onir
Genre: Political Thriller
Length: 120 min.
Target Audience    India and International
Theme: A complex transnational love story with the political backdrop of Kashmir
Settings: Dacca (Bangladesh) / Berlin (Germany), New Delhi(India) and Srinagar (India, Kashmir)          
project status: in development

On September 15,2006 Tariq Dar an aspiring Model from the state of Kashmir, India was arrested in Dacca, Bangladesh as an India Spy. He was detained in Jail for 40 days  and then deported to India.
On October 24th he landed at the Delhi Airport and was arrested immediately by the Cops from the Delhi Special cell. He was suspected to be a Kashmiri terrorist and tortured for 12 days. Post that  he was transferred to the top security jail of the country, The Tihar jail.      
New Delhi, Jan 24: The court absolved Kashmiri model Tariq Ahmad Dar Of the charge of terror funding and pulled up the Delhi police for keeping him in custody for three months without any evidence.
“The Face” is inspired from this real incident.