Merle Kröger

Merle Kröger, born in Plön/Schleswig-Holstein, lives in Berlin where she works as a novelist, screenwriter and dramaturg.
She was a member of the Berlin film collective dogfilm (1992 - 1999) and founded pong film in 2001.
Kröger is the co-author of Philip Scheffner's internationally awarded cinema documentaries Day of the Sparrow (2010), Revision (2012) and Havarie (2016).
A feature film (Europe) will premiere in 2021. Kröger has published four novels until now, e.g. Grenzfall (2012) and Havarie (2015).
She belongs to the elite of German crime fiction. Her novels have received numerous awards, including Best Crime Novel of the Year, the Radio Bremen Prize for Crime Fiction and the German Crime Fiction Prize.